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Gallery BA33 – Self Assessment

The gallery show itself was very successful and I received a few email enquiries on my work for sale.

The actual day itself was quite stressful as I had ordered 3 A2 frames from a company called When I inquired when the frames would arrive I was assured they’d be ready at least by the 3rd May, they ended up arriving later and weren’t up to the quality you’d expect a frame to be. The plastic glass kept popping out and the frame was very warped. So I had asked for a refund of £168 and was awaiting confirmation until Tuesday morning itself because of the bank holiday. I had to go to Ikea, modify the window mount with a bevel knife in university and then frame the work. I had printed extra copies of my work so I could hang them on the wall for my group, these were later moved around when I wasn’t there so I painted the wall again and remeasured where the frames would go. The prints themselves were chosen as they were all black and white and flowed together better this way. The middle image was probably the strongest, and I considered framing just the one for a while. I chose three different birds to signify different types of people or birds that have migrated to the UK. These were swans, crows and a seagull after careful consideration of how they have all traveled to the UK and are now considered British birds. Straight after I’d framed my work I sped to Waitrose to pick up wine glasses and then sped again to collect food in Asda. I had a 15 ‘break’ as I scoffed food and got ready. Considering budget I know we went over the sponsorship money but we did run out of food for the event and also drinks.

The gallery show was at 5pm- which initially as a group we didn’t realize seemed a bit early. Ideally I would have asked for 5.30-6.00pm to catch people after work and finished at 8/8.30pm. Coming into a new year having taken a year out, I think I did well considering I didn’t know the group that well and their natural instinct was to leave me out of things constantly. The day previous to the show no one showed up on time for a meeting, so it also affected my time to sort out the frames.

In development I will continue this piece of work on migration as it is a subject that interests me and one that I think has great affects globally. I’d hope to project these images onto people who have migrated also and work on it further. A paper by Stuart Hall originally inspired me to do this work, and he explained that a country is always changing. So my work in migration will change as well.
I am considering fourth year after this gallery show, but also hoping for more exhibitions and now understand the way gallerys function. On a professional level I hope I work well as a team member, and that I have learnt skills through using Illustrator and Photoshop CS6.



Wall Transfer. We added Bios on the left. And mounted Artist Descriptions by the Work.

The Three Display Prints

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Antonia Deutsch

So influenced by this photographer. I love her powerful black and white imagery of Cumbria and the way she has captured the light in these images. I think my editing is also influenced by her work.

North Berwick


I will experiment and add birds to these images. I don’t think the bridge works unfortunately, and I will try to re-shoot it again if I have time when the tides up




Considering this company for framing

In affect of size I have decided now to do A2 instead of A3. I’m hoping there’s enough space for this in the Marchmont Gallery with 10 people. However, the prints themselves are planned in Landscape and would look better a bit bigger


Thought I’d have some leaflets or cards by my work for people on the exhibition. It’s just an extra with the catalogs but a friend suggested a company called Loxley Colour in Glasgow who have a very high standard. Ordered them on pearlescent paper.